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Is Consumer Durables A Good Career Path in 2023?

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Consumer Durable a good career path

Have you ever wondered about the career prospects for consumer durables?

When choosing a major, we tend to focus on what we are interested in. This can be a good thing, but we sometimes overlook other options.

Consumer durables are one of those areas that often get overlooked when it comes to choosing your major. However, plenty of careers are available in this field, and it can be an exciting place to work. Of course, you need to weigh the positives and negatives before deciding if this is the right career path.

So, let’s talk about consumer durables and the job prospects in this area!

What Are Consumer Durables?

When we talk about consumer durables, we refer to items people purchase for personal use with a long life span. So, you can find these goods in households, not businesses or governments.

That means they last longer than three years and do not need to be replaced regularly like food or clothing.

Some durable consumer products include furniture, cars, white goods such as fridges and washing machines, electronic goods such as televisions and computers, jewellery, and sports equipment.

The global market for consumer durables will likely grow by 10.2% in 2026, so it is clear that there is significant potential in this industry.

With such a large market comes plenty of competition between brands, and the race to be the first to market new products is relentless.

Consumers are also constantly looking for new and innovative products to enhance their quality of life and make their lives easier. 

Consumer durables

Is Consumer Durables A Good Career Path?

Consumer durables is a good career path because it is a growing industry with plenty of competition. Brands must constantly think ahead because there is always the potential for new and innovative products. This makes for an exciting and challenging work environment.

As more people are able to buy more stuff, the demand for new and improved products will continue to increase. There will be more competition from other brands, but this also means that there will be more opportunities to grow your brand and make yourself stand out from the crowd.

There are several reasons why consumer durables is a good career path, and these include:

  • It is a growing sector: Companies in the consumer durables sector have been growing by 10% over the last decade, which means that you can expect to find plenty of job opportunities in this industry as time progresses.
  • It is lucrative: Consumer durables companies offer very competitive salaries to their employees. They can also offer healthcare coverage, paid leave, and even retirement plans if you stay with them long enough. Because the job market is so fluid, it can be a good choice for people not interested in spending their career at one company.

Which Sector Is Consumer durables In?

The sector of Consumer durables deals with more manufacturing. Consumer durables—such as cars and electronics —are particularly sensitive to economic cycles.

Consumer durables often include necessities, such as appliances and furniture.

You might wonder what the difference is between consumer goods and durables. While both are part of the consumer goods sector, some crucial distinctions exist.

Consumer durables last longer than three years, and consumers use them for personal or household purposes. Examples include refrigerators, televisions, and washing machines.

The consumer durables industry is growing fast, and its opportunities are immense. The sector is changing rapidly, and it is not very old.

Moreover, since this sector has the potential for diversification from traditional products like televisions and refrigerators to newer ones such as smartphones and tablets (or even electronic gadgets), you can expect it to expand even further in the future.

The consumer durables sector is diverse: many companies offer different kinds of products to different demographics worldwide.

There are also several sub-sectors within this category with specialized requirements for skillsets such as accounting or quality control management. 

The Industry and Career Prospects

The consumer durables industry is a highly competitive sector. The demand for mobile phones, laptops, and other electronic products has rapidly grown in the past few years.

Due to this growth, many job opportunities are available in this sector. The career prospects in this sector are reasonable, and if you are willing to work hard, you can achieve your goals quickly.

However, you should note that since the competition is very high in this field, you need to be aware of tough competition and pressure from your peers and seniors who have worked daily for several years with little or no break.

The Jobs Available In consumer Durables

A consumer durables job is a job that is related to consumer durables. A consumer durables job is a job that is directly related to consumer durables.

Business Analyst

A business analyst in the consumer durables industry is responsible for analyzing data and formulating plans and strategies to improve the company’s performance.

The job involves identifying areas where the sector needs improvements—creating an improvement plan, implementing that plan, monitoring progress toward goals, and reporting back to management on progress.

Product Manager

A product manager in the consumer durables industry is responsible for managing all aspects of product development, from ideation to launch.

The job involves working with all departments, including engineering, marketing, and design, to ensure that all tasks are done on schedule and that the final products meet customer needs. Product managers also work with supply chain and logistics teams to ensure that products can be manufactured cost-effectively and delivered on time.

Collection Associates

Mediation between debtors and clients can be crucial in the customer durables sector. It involves keeping up communication, developing relationships, and maintaining a sense of urgency to persuade debtors to make payments. They can pass information through phone calls, emails, or letters.

The collection associates take responsibility for handling the documentation and paperwork related to customer debt. They also work with other departments such as accounting to keep track of payments. The collection associates must have strong communication skills and be assertive when dealing with clients.

Product Designer

A product designer is responsible for creating products that are both functional and appealing to consumers. This role includes researching customer needs, developing prototypes, and overseeing manufacturing.

Product designers typically have a background in engineering or industrial design. They must be able to communicate their ideas clearly to other members of the development team and understand how components work together.

They earn around $81,000 annually for their efforts. They also need to be able to work with the client to determine their needs and expectations.

Consumer durable in US

The Average Salary For Consumer Durables Career

The average salary for a Consumer Durables career is $70,000. This amount varies with the level of experience and the role of the job.

For example, the average salary of a Business Analyst is $82,000 per year. Product managers can earn about between $80,000 to $110,000 annually.

Senior managers even make more: an annual salary of around $130,000.

Factors Contributing to Growth of the Sector

Some factors that influence the growth of the consumer durables sector include;

  • The increase in GDP drives the growth of this sector:
  • The sector’s growth is very much dependent on the country’s overall economic growth. Experience has shown that whenever there is a slowdown in economic growth, there is also a slight decrease in consumer durables sales.
  • The number of new products launched by companies in this sector can also influence growth. New product launches increase sales and keep customers interested in repurchasing them as they add more features and benefits to existing ones.
  • The number of people buying such items every year or month is another trigger for demand generation. More money is generated when more people buy them, resulting in higher profit margins for businesses in this space (thus generating more profits).

Benefits Of A Consumer Durables Career Path?

This is the right career path if you are passionate about consumer durables. There are several benefits to working in this industry, but we will highlight two of them. They include:

  • Advancement opportunities: The advancement opportunities in this field are significant. You can move from one level to another depending on your performance and skills and your knowledge about technology and new products that come into play every year.
  • Earning: You can also decide how much you want to earn by working more hours or less, depending on your needs and abilities.


Overall, the consumer durable goods sector is overgrowing, and this trend will continue for years.

With the economy expanding, people have more money to buy goods that enhance their home entertainment systems or improve their kitchen appliances.

As this expansion continues, there will be a need for employees in this industry. The prospects are strong.

So if you have a passion for consumer durables, now’s a great time to start your career in this field! Ready to get started? 

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