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Is Packaging/Containers A Good Career path? (Best Paying Career 2023)

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Packaging/Containers is a career that involves the process of products as they are packaged and stored. Packaging engineers design, develop, test, and implement new ways to package goods or services to make them safer, more convenient, or less expensive. Containers/packaging refers technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale, and use. Packaging also refers to the design, evaluation, and production of packages.

So, Is Packaging/Containers A Good Career path? The answer is yes. Packaging is a growing industry. There are many types of packaging jobs, and you’ll find that the prices for these products will go up as time goes on. Packaging/containers are undoubtedly one of the most critical parts of any business because they protect products from damage or loss during transit or storage. If you want to start working with containers/packaging, you should consider looking into this career path because it’s rewarding.

The packaging/container industry is a significant part of any business. Without proper protection and storage, products would be damaged or lost during transit, which could have severe consequences for the company. Packaging also ensures that customers receive their product in good condition and enjoy it without worrying about breakage or loss due to improper handling procedures.

What Is The Job Description For Packaging/Containers?

The job description for packaging/containers is to package products. That means you will be responsible for ensuring that the product is packaged correctly, safely, and securely while coordinating the arrival of new orders with your team.

The job of a Packaging Coordinator covers the following:

  1. Organize items needed for packaging
  2. Coordinate arrival of new orders with team members and vendors (when applicable)
  3. Pack products according to company guidelines, using appropriate materials/containers.

Packaging also involves analyzing a product’s packaging to ensure it meets company standards. This job may include checking for breakage, defects, or any other issue which could damage or compromise customer satisfaction. It also involves repacking products necessary to ensure they meet these standards.”

A career in Packaging/Containers will be ideal if you’re interested in working with your hands and creating things while being organized and detail-oriented since this job requires both skill sets.

What Are The Job Prospects For Packaging/Containers?

The employment outlook for Packaging/Containers is good. Job opportunities should be excellent in the next few years because of expected growth in business and increasing demand for products that require packaging. The US economy (the largest consumer of packaged goods) has been steadily growing since 2009, providing a steady stream of new jobs throughout all sectors.

In addition, technological advances have made manufacturing easier while reducing labour costs, leading to manufacturers outsourcing more manufacturing work overseas and relying on automation more heavily at home.

As a result, although there is still considerable demand for workers who can fill positions with less technical knowledge (and thus lower skill requirements), many companies now need highly skilled professionals capable of working on complex projects. So, this fact brings in good opportunities for people interested in a career in packaging/containers.

Examples Of Packaging/Container

Here are a few examples of packaging/containers:

  • Bottle
  • Can
  • Jar
  • Box
  • Bag, carton, tube (depends on the product)
  • Chipboard packaging
  • Foil Sealed Bags
  • Poly Bags

Top Best Paying Jobs In Packaging/Containers

Packaging and Containers is a good career path because it offers job security, advancement opportunities, and competitive wages. So, here are some good-paying jobs in this industry that you can explore with the proper skills.

Consumer Behaviour Analyst

As a consumer behaviour analyst, you’ll be responsible for analyzing data to determine consumers’ needs, wants and preferences. You’ll use this information to predict future consumer behaviour and make recommendations based on what the data shows.

You might identify opportunities, develop strategies and develop new products or services. A career as a consumer behaviour analyst can be rewarding: you get to use your analytical skills. At the same time, helping companies understand their customers better so they can deliver better products that fulfil those needs than their competitors.

Consumer Behavior analysts earn about $77 000 annually in the United States.

Assembly Technician

Assembly technicians assemble products or subassemblies from components, parts, or raw materials. They also install equipment and fixtures, such as conveyors and meters, to assemble products. As an assembly technician, you may specialize in a specific product line, such as computer components or office furniture. You might repeatedly work on new items or an identical product.

The work takes place in a clean manufacturing environment where assembly lines are helpful to speed up production time. This job will have strict safety rules, so you must always wear protective gear such as goggles and gloves.

Packaging Engineers

A packaging engineer is a person who is responsible for the design, development, and implementation of packaging systems. They are also responsible for the design of the product for the packaging system. They are also responsible for the design of the process for the packaging system.

The primary responsibilities of a Packaging Engineer include:

  • Design/development of new or improved package/container designs
  • Researching new materials, processes, and machinery to improve efficiency.

Packaging Designers

Packaging designers are responsible for creating, designing, and producing packages or containers that protect and promote products. They also create logos, labels, and other components on packaging materials like cans, bottles, and boxes. Packaging designers need to understand the product they are designing packaging for as well as its market and consumers.

They also need to know the package must meet the legal requirements before delivering them to consumers, such as weight limits or child safety standards. Finally, they have to understand how their design will be manufactured to produce efficiently with minimal cost.

Packaging designers are also among the highest earners in this industry. More than half of Packaging designers in the US make between $57,000 to $142,000 per year. Some top earners in this industry could make about $300,000 yearly. (Comparably)

Quality Assurance Manager

The quality assurance manager ensures that products are safe and reliable. They ensure to keep the company’s standards and that quality control is carried out across the board. Quality assurance managers often work in teams with other engineers, designers, and developers to ensure that products live up to consumer expectations. They may also stay on top of legislation regarding environmental protection or safety standards as those areas change over time due to technological advances or discoveries.

Salary Range: $90k – $150k

Ware House Manager

A warehouse manager is responsible for managing the flow of goods in and out of the warehouse. They must ensure that the warehouse is safe and secure, that all employees are trained, and that customer satisfaction is met.

A warehouse manager’s responsibilities include:

  • Managing inventory
  • Supervising workers to ensure they follow safety policies
  • Managing employee performance.

7 Types Of Packaging Careers

The packaging industry is a career that has a diverse range of job opportunities. Packaging can encompass everything from warehouses to shipping centres and beyond. From warehouse workers to shipping coordinators and more, there are many different types of careers you can pursue in this field. Here are seven of them:

Warehouse Worker

Warehouse workers receive, store and distribute incoming goods. They must be able to lift heavy loads, work in a fast-paced environment and follow strict rules. Depending on the company, warehouse workers can start at $15-$18 per hour. A warehouse worker’s salary depends on experience, location, and company.


As a stocker, you will be responsible for picking and storing goods. It is a physical job that requires good hand-eye coordination, attention to detail, and physical strength. Stockers typically work in warehouses or stores and must be able to lift heavy items as they pick them up or move them around. Stockers also need to count products quickly to know how many boxes are needed for each shipment.


The responsibility of a loader in the Packaging/containers industry includes the following;

  • Load and unload materials.
  • Use forklifts to move materials.
  • Load materials onto trucks.
  • Operate cranes.
  • Load materials into storage.
  • Operate conveyors: long belts used in factories that transport items from one place to another at high speeds or over long distances (for example, in a factory).
  • Load materials onto conveyors and send them where they need to go within a facility (like loading paper onto an assembly line). You can also use this skill when dealing with ships at ports or airports—you’ll have to load containers with goods so they can be shipped out of the country/state/city!

Shipping Coordinator

Shipping coordinators are responsible for coordinating the shipping of products from a company to customers. This role might also include packing and shipping the products and tracking inventory and expenses related to these activities.

Packaging Operator

Packaging operators are responsible for packing products for shipping. They usually work in a factory but can also work in a large warehouse or distribution centre.

Operators use heavy machinery to pack products, which requires lifting and moving large boxes and pallets of goods. Operators must be able to follow instructions and work fast while handling heavy objects that may weigh hundreds of pounds at once.

Product Tester

The product tester is responsible for testing products, reporting any issues with the product, and making sure it’s safe for use. They are also responsible for ensuring the product is safe for the environment.

An excellent way to land this job is by joining a consumer advocacy group or taking science classes at school that will teach you about different types of products and how they work together. If you’d rather not spend time in school, there are plenty of places online where you can learn about various packaging parts like adhesives or closures.

Packaging/Container Industry: Career Path

The packaging industry is a career that has a diverse range of job opportunities. It is also one of the most critical aspects of the supply chain. This industry offers a variety of job opportunities, from entry-level to executive positions.

You can find Packaging jobs across various industries, including food and beverage, healthcare and personal care, automotive, industrial products and equipment, retail and consumer goods (CPG), pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.

What Are The Skills Needed In A Packaging/Container Career?

To become successful in a career in packaging and containers, you need to have excellent communication skills. That is because you will need to be able to communicate with clients, suppliers, and other members of the team.

You should also have good problem-solving skills. So that if there is an issue with the project or something goes wrong with the product, you can work out how best to fix it.

In all careers in packaging and containers, people must have good attention to detail and strong organizational skills to keep track of everything going on within the business and ensure nothing gets missed.

Good team working skills are also critical because when there are lots of different projects at once, everyone has someone to help them out if they need assistance with anything else apart from their job role.

It is vital for anyone who wants to work within this industry as well as other industries such as accountancy/bookkeeping or HR (human resources)


So, if you’re looking for a rewarding, engaging, and challenging career, the packaging is the right choice. Packaging is also an industry with plenty of job opportunities, so choose wisely.

Packaging is a great career path for people who like to work with their hands, want to find a job with good pay and benefits, and feel a deep satisfaction from their work. Container/packaging professionals are responsible for designing and producing containers containing food, beverages, medicines, and other consumer goods. The field includes working in the manufacturing and retail sectors, which means more job opportunities. 

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